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Coaches are passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. At the Mindset Coach Academy, we help coaches like you to achieve theirs.

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Mindset Coach Academy

I’m Lara Young…

Master Trainer & Founder of the Mindset Coach Academy

My passion is helping people to be the very best versions of themselves – to show up, bursting with self-belief and take the action that they need to take to achieve their goals with speed and with ease.

And I love the power of coaching as a way to make this happen.

As Abraham Maslow is attributed with saying “if the only tool you have is a hammer, it’s tempting to treat every problem as a nail”.

And at the Mindset Coach Academy, we want you to not only have a hammer, but a whole toolbox to hand so that once you have a deep understanding of your client, you can access the tools that you know will have the most impact for lasting transformation and results.

The Mindset Coach Certification is a dynamic, engaging program that will equip you with everything you need to succeed as a coach and to create a business doing what you love.

I’m also a solo mama of 2 adventurous girls, a rescue greyhound called Luna and am on a quest to find the best Laksa in the world.

Mindset is Everything